Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cloth Diaper giveaway # 1 (closed)

Ok, so I know its been a while since I last promised a cloth diaper giveaway, but its been a busy summer. I wanted to do this as a video review also, but again time is standing in the way! I have two diapers to give away and the first diaper is an ALVA Baby diaper. This is a China made diaper brand and their diapers retail from about 4.50 for the newborn size up to about $10.00 for 100% bamboo for the inside lining and the inserts. So as you can tell this is a great bargain, but are they worth it? How do they last compared to the big name brands like Bum Genius, for those of you who don't know you shall soon find out that I am not a fan of the Bum Genius company, there products or there customer service. But that is a post for another day!

ALVA like I said before is a China diaper, some people are vary wary of these companies in fear of a bad product, I have only had good experience with them. No I am not being paid to write this or being endorsed in any way by any company I just am giving you my opinion.

I have several product from this company including the newborn diapers (which I haven't used yet so won't be talking about them yet), their regular pocket diaper with the microfiber insert, the bamboo minky diaper, and their wet bags. I have had no issues with any of the products! I like their pocket diaper just fine, however I do have to say its not my favorite just based on the way it fits my son, I do like it more than others I have, even some more expensive diapers! I would buy more of these though if I needed a few more to add to my stash or if we have a girl. However I love the Bamboo diaper! It's one of my favorite and I would love to get more of these, the one we have is the giraffe minky, with a bamboo inside and two bamboo inserts. It is so cute on him and I like that it is a natural fiber pocket diaper. I don't like using microfiber overnight because it holds the smell more and is harder to clean, but like the ease of a pocket or aio at night. Bamboo is not a stay-dry fabric so when we use it at night we do use a fleece liner, but we use one every night with either a bamboo pocket or a prefold and cover. The bamboo diaper comes with two inserts, I use both for over night but only seem to need one during the day, they absorb a good amount of liquid! I also love there wet bags they are just as good as the expensive ones and range from 4.50- 5.50. I would buy more and would recommend these diapers to friends and family. The only negative is that it does take a while to get an order in, about 3 weeks usually, they do have express shipping but it is expensive unless you buy 20 diapers then they express it to you for free. The regular shipping is free also.

ALVA makes pocket style diapers, they have a newborn size and a OS diaper. The diaper is like most OS diapers and has a snap down rise to fit most babies from about 8- 35 lbs. The diaper is a two part system or an AI2, that comes with the diaper shell and then the insert. They make a microfiber insert, bamboo inserts, and blend inserts that are two layers bamboo and two layers microfiber. I have microfiber and the 100% bamboo. I don't like blend inserts but that is just my personal opinion. The diaper shell has an elastic opening at the back to stuff the insert(s) into instead of a flap style opening. I have heard some women say that they don't like the way it opens but I like it more than most my  flap openings. The outer shell is waterproof PUL and the lining is either polyester seude cloth or a bamboo terry fabric.
So now for the giveaway!!! I have a solid gender neutral green 100% bamboo pocket diaper with two inserts to giveaway! Here are the rules for the giveaway. Please only enter to win if you will use this diaper, don't let it be a waste of my time and money please!
* This is a giveaway for a brand new in package ALVA bamboo pocket diaper, It comes with two 100% bamboo inserts, they have snaps to snap into a different diaper that Alva makes, however this diaper does not have a snap in option, this in no way affects the performance of the diaper. It was sent to me free of charge to do a review and give away so I wasn't going to get picky.

  1. The giveaway is open to the continental U.S only
  2. I will pay shipping to get it to you.
  3. You must be a subscriber to this blog.
  4. You must leave a comment saying why you love cloth diapers or why you want to use cloth diapers when your baby is born.
  5. The giveaway will be open from when I post the blog till the Sep. 14th 2012 at midnight.
  6. I will select the winner and ship the diaper by the 30th.
  7. I will select the winner randomly, everyone will have the same chance of winning.
  8. I will post the winner on the 15th and if I do not have correspondence by the 25th you will forfeits your "prize" and I will reselect a winner.


Stephanie Blair said...

I love cloth diapering for many reasons. It saves us money. I don't have to run to the store when I'm out of diapers. I'm not getting pooped on like I was with disposable. And it is surprisingly fun!

Vivian S. said...

Really want to try cloth diapering for baby #2.. Looks more comfy and more economical in the long run!!

Janae said...

I love cloth diapers because they don't have all the chemicals of disposable diapers and don't leave my son with a constant diaper rash. Also they're not a constant money-drain like disposables would be.

Jackie said...

Cloth diapering is good stewardship for us and it is not as overwhelming/time-consuming as I thought it was going to be.