Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party In My Pants ~ free cloth panty liner review

     A few days ago I received my free (after $3.99  shipping) Party In my Pants cloth pantyliner sample. I was very excited upon receiving it! I love having surprises delivered to my doorstep. Now I am pregnant so I can't give a full review of the functionality of this pad but I will tell you what at first glance I think of there product.
     It arrived in a tiny Mailer that was plain brown and had the owners names in the return address spot, which I was much appreciative of ( I could only imagine what our mailman would think if the company name was boldly displayed in the corner). I quickly opened the package and retrieved the pad that was folded up and unfolded it to display the surprise print, I wasn't disappointed it was cute with stop signs and traffic lights. When you order you have a few sizes to choose from, I chose the Luxe liner which is the longest choice, you can also choose cotton, flannel, or organic fabric for $1.50 upgrade. You can also add an extra snap for .25 cents, I opted for just the flannel. I didn't want to get to crazy with my "free sample". It came with a piece of dark chocolate it made it my little personal party!
     It is what it says just a liner I couldn't feel any absorbent fabric in the middle, but there is one layer of cotton in the middle, the outside of mine is flannel and the back is a water proof nylon. The only other pad/ pantyliner brand I had tried was Fuzzibunz, I purchased those while I was pregnant with my son just to use as protection against sneeze and pee and a horrible misdiagnosed yeast infection. I HATE those pads they are hot and thick and a poor design, I have used them a few times on my period and they work but are uncomfortable. So the other day we were going over to a friends house and I decided to give it a try. The pad is very trim you cannot see it through your pants, at first you can tell its there but after a few minutes you forget about it. The flannel is very soft and not hot at all and the nylon was more breathable than I thought it would be. like I said earlier I can't give a full review, but my first opinion of the company is a good one, I would recommend this product to my family and friends. This is a much better product than the Fuzzibunz. My only con is the price, this is one of the higher priced cloth pad companies. The Luxe liner on their website without the introductory offer is $9.99 plus shipping and handling, they do offer free shipping but you have to purchase $100 worth of product first, and I'm not about to drop that much into cloth  pads at least not from one company.  I would recommend them if you have tons of cash you just want to spend, but one of the pros for me to use cloth is to save money and there are several other companies that have better prices, but I can't vouch for the products yet. Plus you can make them yourself which I plan to do as soon as I can order the fabric I want online. So unless I have a coupon code or they have a sale I don't know if I would buy again from this company, but they do have a good product in my opinion. ~ Erica

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